Advanced Livestock Tracker is a full management suite for your feedlot

Features include:

  • Daily and on-demand reports
  • Breakeven projections
  • Simple closeouts
  • Tracks pen and movement of cattle
  • Feeding, treatment, and performance analysis
  • Cattle on feed, consumption and closeout analysis
  • Reports emphasize cost of gain, consumption, and breakeven position

Rations and Commodities

  • Maintains ration and cost information for unlimited rations and ingredients
  • Tracks locked-in commodities and customer commodity credit
  • Tracks history of all feeds, treatments, and overhead charges
  • Interfaces with popular readers and vet met programs

Straight Forward Customer Bills

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Easy to understand per head, per day analysis
  • Bills for owners’ pens summarized on statement
  • Allows for prepaid or customer grain deducted from billing
  • Print bills from prior billing periods

Simple Close Outs

  • Simple to prepare
  • Clean and easy to read
  • Tells you the performance of a closed pen
  • Close out history archived on system for long term analysis


Screenshots can be found here